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Etched in Glass is a family and employee owned corporation – Mom, Dad, and Daughter and Long-Term Employees.

Established in 1993, we now have a 9000 square foot facility on busy Route 8 north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where we and our employees create the designs and do the etching here on site to make your awards, gifts and personal items.

We believe that Quality, Fast and Friendly Service and Reasonable Prices are the most important factors that lead to Customer Satisfaction and repeat business.  If WE believe that the etching on an item is not the best that it can be, we discard the item and create another.  Our business is different because of the people – both our customers and our employees.

We pride ourselves on taking a personal approach to every order because we know YOU took the time to find just the right gift and we’re going to make sure that it’s what you had in mind.  All of our work is custom to your order and we do not charge a setup fee.  You the customer will get a custom-created design whether you come into the shop and work directly with us, or choose to finalize your design via email.  To support the need for fast service, we have a large inventory of blankware available. We do a great majority of our orders in one week.

When you become a customer of Etched in Glass, we do all that we can to ensure that you become a long time satisfied customer!