1. What are your hours?
    We’re open from 9 AM – 6 PM on Weekdays and 9 AM – 3 PM on Saturdays.  Closed Sundays and some Holidays.
  2. Where are you located? Do you have another location?
    We are located on Route 8 in Gibsonia (north of Pittsburgh)  about 1 mile north of Turnpike exit 39.  We are across the street from a McDonald’s and Walmart.  This is our only location.  Please give us a call if you need directions, or check out the map on the bottom of the website.
  3. How long does it take to have something etched?
    It takes one week for most orders from confirmation of the order and design (plus shipping time).  If you need to order a large quantity of a single item, we may need extra time to order in additional glass.  We make every attempt to etch our glass in the most timely way possible.  Rush fees may apply, see the General Information page for details.
  4. Can I have my items shipped?
    Yes!  We ship UPS guaranteed, and items are insured.   Please call for estimate on how long your package may take.  We can also ship your items to a gift recipient complete with a free enclosure card.
  5. If I don’t live in the Pittsburgh area or can’t make it to your store, how can I order?
    It’s easy to order!  Just give us a call or email with any questions you may have, or fill out the form on the Contact page.  We always try to provide prompt service, and will offer any advice in selecting an item and what to etch.  We will email design ideas and proofs to our customers to guarantee accuracy and to offer some great choices for your items.
  6. Why can’t I just order online directly?
    Everything we do is 100% customized for you, so having a traditional shopping cart doesn’t work well.  We may able to help suggest other items, wording, fonts and graphics in order to make your design the best it can be for your occasion.  Therefore it’s best to work one-on-one with one of our skilled designers via email (preferred to ensure accuracy) or phone to create the perfect item.
  7. I wanted to etch a photo on something, how do I get the photo to you?
    You can either email the photo or logo, or mail one to us.  See our Special Services section for additional information.
  8. Can I put my company or team logo on something? Is it an additional charge?
    Yes, we can etch logos on our items.  Either bring a nice, clear copy with you to the store, the logo on a USB key or cd, or you can email it.  There’s no additional charge to add your logo to an item.  However, we cannot etch professional sports teams logos.
  9. Do you etch items not purchased at your store?
    Yes, we can etch items purchased at other stores, but only glass or crystal.  We cannot etch customer metal or ceramic items.  It is a minimum of $12 per item for customer glass, but varies depending upon size and complexity of the etching.  Items we already have in our store will be the same price.  It is AT YOUR RISK OF BREAKAGE OR IMPERFECT ETCHING, though a small risk.  Please call for a price quote.
  10. Can I have something etched in color?
    Yes, we can color fill almost any color, but on glass the rich etch tone is much more attractive.  One color is included on marble items. Etching in gold or silver is included on black mirror, colored glass, or ceramic items but doesn’t work well on clear glass and crystal items. We strongly suggest not coloring clear glass items, unless it is particularly significant to the event, such as a 25th or 50th wedding anniversary.
  11. How do I have a wine or champagne bottle etched?
    The customer must provide the bottle.  Dark bottles work best, such as dark green, and try if you can to find a bottle where the seams do not go right down the middle where the labels are (all bottles have seams, but try to find one where they are not as prominent.)  We will take off the front, back or both labels for you.  Etching on bottles can be colored gold or silver.
  12. What is the difference between Jade Glass, Crystal Clear Glass, Optic Crystal, and Lead Crystal?
    Jade glass gets its color from an iron ore inherent in the silica sand used to produce the glass.  Crystal Clear glass uses a more pure silica sand with virtually no iron ore content.  While of premium quality, Crystal Clear glass is almost as clear as Optic Crystal, but is not technically crystal.  Crystal is produced in two basic types, soft and hard.  Soft crystal, known as Lead Crystal, must have at least 24% lead oxide content to be called crystal.  It is most commonly used for molded  shapes and is easy to grind and polish.  It is a very clear material, but can also have bubbles and flow lines.  Optic Crystal, sometimes referred to as Crown Glass, has a hardness and clarity ideal for telescope and camera lenses.  It was first produced in the US in 1996 and is now produced around the world.  The quality and clarity depends on how well it is produced.
  13. Do you have volume discounts?
    Yes, we offer volume discounts, starting at 12 of the same item and they do not have to be etched the same.  See our General Information page for more details.  Screen printed glassware may also be a good option for you.  See our Special Services page for more information.
  14. If I’ve ordered before and want to order the same thing, do I have to come in?
    We save all of our previous orders, so it’s easy to re-order items.  Just call, email, or fill out the form on the Contact page with details regarding what you need and we can easily look up any previous orders.
  15. Do you have everything in your store on the website?
    All of our items that currently have stock we can replenish are available online.  However, we have a limited availability of some items that are not pictured on our site.  Please call or stop in for more information on our discontinued items, some at almost 50% off!