Marble Paperweight with Coin


3″x3″x5/8″ White or Brown Marble
4″x5″x5/8″ Brown Marble


3″x3″ White: MB55
3″x3″ Brown: MB56
4″x5″ Brown: MB57


3″x3″ with coin: $36.00
4″x5″ with coin: $45.00


Beautiful marble paperweight with recess to fit a 1.75″ or 3″ coin or challenge coin.  Etching in one color included.  Full color challenge coins made in the USA.  1.75″ coins include two-sided Maltese Cross, two-sided Fireman with Fireman’s prayer on reverse, and Boy Scouts logo.  Coins can be lose or glue in.  Sticky-back coins in 1.75″ include Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines that adhere into the recess.  Large 3″ sticky-back coins in Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines also adhere into recess.