Etched Photographs

etched photographs coverEtched photos are a truly personal gift.  The photos are etched using a unique process that yields an amazing reproduction of your cherished photograph.

Our photos are etched in what’s called a halftone screen – lots of little dots – similar to a newspaper photo.  These are not colored decals you see on many websites now, our etching is permanent!

Photographs add $12 for a small photo, $15 for a large photo to the cost of the item for the first etch.  “Small photo” indicates a photo that would fit on something like a suncatcher ornament or beer mug. “Large photo” indicates a photo that would be on a Beveled Curve or award piece. Please call with any questions distinguishing whether your photo is “large” or “small.”  Photo repeats of the same photo add $5 per photo and do not have to be on the same item, just the same photo, regardless if ordered at the same time or years from now.

We can use any color or black and white photo, and your photo is not damaged in any way in the process. We simply scan it in!  Clear, crisp photos work best, because the etched result has a lower resolution than the original, and if the original was already blurry and grainy the etched result with not be very clear.  We can use any size photo, we resize to fit the item, and can crop any image as well.

If you have a digital image, emailing it will work MUCH better than printing it out at home.  Scanners will pick up any grainy quality in the printout, even if you have a good home printer.  Please email them to us at in any standard format (.jpg, .tif for instance) and please do not edit the photo, that’s what we do.  Photos copied from the internet from websites (such as Snapfish or Facebook) are usually blurry but sometimes they’ll work, so please try to get a copy of the original photo emailed to you if you can.

You may also bring your digital image with you on a cd or USB memory stick in a standard format.  You can even bring in your camera and we’ll read it from the memory card.

We can etch photos on a wide variety of items, provided the item is not too curved (for example, several of the bowls cannot have a photo etch.)  There is always help if you need some suggestions for selecting an item for your photo.


Etched Signatures

etched signatures coverEtched signatures are a great way to add a personal touch.  Whether it’s from a whole baseball team, office staff, or one child to Mom or Dad, etched signatures are truly unique.

Have everyone sign WHITE UNLINED paper, it doesn’t have to be the same sheet. For young children, it helps to give each child half of a blank index or recipe card (remember, UNLINED please!)  Try to not have any of them overlap in any way.

DO NOT draw a grid of any kind to write in, just write your name, we’ll resize.

A ball point pen works best, but any regular pen is fine. NO crayon, NO pencil, NO felt-tip pen. Blue or black ink.

Just sign as you normally would, we’ll resize and arrange to fit the piece. Try not to let children write too large, they will etch thin.

We can also etch sketches! The same paper and pen requirements apply, but the paper can be larger.


Silk Screened Glassware

silkscreen glassware coverIf you need a large quantity of items for a fraction of the cost of etching, silk screening (or screen printing) may be your solution!

Our silk screening is made of baked ceramic ink baked at 1100° and is much more durable than the air-dried epoxy many companies use today.  It will not wash off!  Many different kinds of items can be silk screened: votives, champagne flutes, candy jars, coffee mugs, and even paperweights.

Silk screened orders must be a minimum of 72 pieces and all must be identical. Prices vary per item, please call for more information.

Any color is available, but light colors such as white, yellow and pastels work much better.


Wrapped & Second Etching

A Second Etch on the bottom, back or side adds half the price of the item.

A Wrapped design (etching around the whole item) doubles the price of the item.

Multiple and wrapped etches on items over $50 are quoted individually.

     colorfill2   colorfill3

Color Fill

$3 per Side
White, Silver, and Gold available.

Included on black mirror, ceramics, colored glass, bottles, and photos.  Not recommended for clear glass and crystal items.  Our marble items now include 1 color, almost any color available, call with questions.

deep etch

Deep Etch

$8 per Side

A great way to have an element really stand out from the rest of the etching, it makes it “glow” to the eye when the etching is on the back of the item (Award Glass for example.)

Included on ceramics, nameplates, and items over $100. Design limitations apply.

Additional Information

Etching Customer Glass

$12 minimum per piece for etching that fits on one side.

We are happy to etch a glass/crystal item supplied by our customers – AT YOUR RISK OF BREAKAGE OR IMPERFECT ETCHING.  We can etch large pieces of glass for cabinets and such, up to about 30″ x 30″ in size.  Please call for a quote.


$1 each
All items over $15 include a gift box, others can be purchased for $1 each.

Product Variances

In glass and crystal, small variations are inherent to the manufacturing process. Shear marks, flow lines, small bubbles, cooling marks and seams are unavoidable – especially in hand-crafted pieces. These minor variations along with possible slight differences in size due to hand finishing and polishing only add to the uniqueness of each piece and ARE NOT CONSIDERED DEFECTS.  However, we make every attempt to ensure the high quality of our product, and do not use items with unusually large or obtrusive markings.  Most of our marble items are jet black marble with very slight gray/white marbling which is completely natural in a natural product like marble and are NOT defects.